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Our monthly list of recommendations on the upcoming free HR webinars.

Measuring And Maximizing The Impact Of Leadership Development Programs

View Live: September, 12, 12.00 PM ET
Presenters: John R. Mattox, II (Managing Consultant)
By the end of the session, attendees will learn how to create a balanced measurement strategy as well as present reliable, tailored dashboards and insights to clarify the relevance and impact of Leader Development programs to the business.
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Employee Networks - Getting More Work Done Through Shared Expertise

View Live: September, 13, 1.00 PM ET
Presenters: Bob Sachs (Senior Talent Advisor, Sachs Talent Advisors), Laci Loew (Founder and Principal, Laci Loew & Company), Robert Danna (Retired Managing Director, Deloitte)
This webcast in “fireside chat” style among leading network experts will offer actionable insights on: Decoding hierarchical versus matrix versus networked structures; Transforming traditional hierarchical or matrixed structures into tomorrow’s new networked model; Identifying experts within the networks and leveraging their insights among all network members.
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Dust Off The Performance Appraisal; How To Modernize And Make Them Shin

View Live: September, 14, 3.00 PM ET
Presenters: Julie Rieken (Director of Sales / CEO, Trakstar)
This webinar will go over 11 adjustments you can make to modernize your reviews and your review process ranging from the easy to the innovative. These 11 ideas include tips on communication techniques, how to ask the right questions, and what tools make it all easier. Join us to learn more!
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Employee Engagement: Think Like Your CEO

View Live: September, 14, 2.00 PM ET
Presenters: Anna Lim (BambooHR), Russell Gerrard (HR Performance Solutions)
In this program, the hosts will discuss the current trends, theories, and strategies within employee engagement, dig into how to understand your CEO's employee engagement concerns and earn his or her buy-in and discover how to improve or implement a strategic, effective engagement plan for your organization.
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 Effective Time Management Techniques to Teach Your Employees

View Live: September, 19, 1.00 PM ET
Presenters: BizLibrary
On our time, so it’s extremely important to master techniques of time management to make the most of a resource that is not renewable, never repeats and is limited each day. In this webinar the hosts will provide effective time management techniques for yourself and your employees.
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Building Alliances with Universities to Empower, Enable and Educate Employees

View Live: September, 19, 4.00 PM ET
Presenters: Brian DeKemper (Pearson), Caitlin Ladd (Maryville University), Julie Brooks (MSN, RN, Mercy Hospital St. Louis)
In this program, the experts discuss how their partnership creates opportunities for education and employment. You will hear how Maryville University has worked with organizations like Mercy Health System to help provide their employees with the skillsets and competencies they need for 21st century challenges. The program will focus on how organizations and corporations of all kinds can benefit in multiple ways by creating these tight-knit partnerships with academic institutions; it starts by putting the employee/student front-and-center. Learn how you can improve employee retention, refresh employee competencies, and make your organization more competitive.
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Better Together: Why Workforce Management Should Be a Cornerstone of Your HCM Strategy

View Live: September, 19, 2.00 PM ET
Presenters: Stacey Kervin and Kirstin Wylie, Kronos
In this program, Stacey Kervin and Kirstin Wylie from Kronos will explore how to leverage technology to get a holistic view of your entire workforce, explain how talent can drive business performance and will provide specific examples of how combining HCM and workforce management can impact employee engagement.
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What World Class HR Looks Like

View Live: September, 20, 11.00 AM ET
Presenters: Paycor
What makes these people a part of the ruling class in HR?  Join us for this webinar and to learn 15 attributes of the world class HR pro, broken down across the some DNA characteristics such as the ability to be a talent agent, the ability to say yes and more.
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Getting To Grips With New Technology: A Guide To Best-Practice HR Software Implementation

View Live: September, 20, 2.00 PM BST
Presenters: Pritul Khagram (Chief executive, People Force International)
This Personnel Today webinar, sponsored by Cascade HR, looks at how HR professionals can achieve true transformation when implementing sophisticated HR software. It will look at what you can expect from your business software review, and consider the best ways to approach implementing a new system so that HR, and employees alike, are satisfied with the end result.
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Building a Simple and Effective Employee Engagement Program

View Live: September, 21, 2.30 PM ET
Presenters: Catherine Mattice (Civility Partners)
Employee engagement is about fully absorbed employees, who are enthusiastic about achieving their goals, and consistently take action to further the organization. Businesses that focus on engagement are outperforming competitors who don't. But you KNOW all this… yet you don't have a formal employee engagement program. Why? Because it's hard to get started, and engagement seems elusive. Join this educational webinar on how you can improve your employee engagement.
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