How to Thank a Colleague: A Complete Guide for Employees and Managers with 50 Text Samples

It sounds absolutely natural to say thank you to people who you work with for their help or support, but in reality it appears that this common sense wisdom is not turned into life as much as it should be. Some say that they can’t show appreciation or that they simply have no time for it. But bringing up a corporate culture, where everybody are open to help and to thank for the help, is a great and prospective investigation in the company’s development, as such a culture provides the organization more stability, cuts turnover and, as a result, enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

If you are still not convinced that the culture of recognition and praise is a must for every company, have a look at this infographics:

As you see, people who feel appreciated are much more motivated and engaged than those whose efforts and success go unnoticed. They feel more committed to their colleagues and teams as they understand they make a difference. 

So how to praise or thank a colleague? Remember and apply these tips:

Set time aside. Take time to say thank you and don’t put it an afterthought on doing something else. 

Be consistent. It’s vital to praise your colleagues in a regular way but still remember that if you stop doing this regularly your team will wonder what happened. So start thanking people and keep on it.

Be specific. Extend you thanks and mention what you’re thankful for.

Be sincere. Don’t praise people because you were told to or because you feel obliged. Dishonesty is obvious. 

We figured out how to thank people but which words should we say? Of course, it depends on the situation, so we prepared 50 phrases you can use when praising or thanking colleagues.


  • I am not sure if my best friend can fill the shoes of my best colleague at work. But I am sure that YOU – my best colleague can easily fill the shoes of my best friend.
  • I am so honored to your trust; I assure you that you can count on me.
  • I appreciate your skills and attitude to work. It seems like there will be no problem that you can’t solve. Thank you for everything. You’re simply the best.
  • I would like to thank you for being there for me always. You are the best office-mate I have ever worked with.
  • I never face Monday morning blues, because of fun colleagues like you. Thank you.

For support

  • Thanks for always watching my back, and cutting me some slack when I goof up at work because of a few skills that I lack. Thanks.
  • Most of my ideas work not just because they are creative, but because they are supported and endorsed by colleagues like you. Thanks a lot.
  • I have worked hard to get a promotion but deep down inside I know that I wouldn’t have got it without the selfless support of a co-worker like you. Thanks mate.
  • Dear colleague, as you bid adieu to this company, I appreciate and thank you for all the years we have worked together and cherish the good moments shared in office. You have been one of the best colleagues to date. Thanks a lot dear colleague.
  • I owe my promotion less to my qualifications and more to the support of helpful colleagues like you. Thanks.
  • I don’t mind taking risks because I know that colleagues like you will always be there to catch me if I fall. Thanks for your support.

For help

  • I want to express my deep appreciation for the help and support you have offered me on my recent project.
  • I don't know any other way to explain how much your help means. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you.
  • Thanks so much for all your help when I know you're already so busy. People like you are rare and I'm very lucky that you're in my life.
  • Thank you very much for helping me out when I needed it. You helped more than you think you did and I hope you know I'm very grateful. Thank you, again.
  • It was so nice of you to help me out. I really appreciate all that you've done and hope that this card will help me to express all my gratitude. Thank you!
  • I feel so grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer so many questions. Without your help, I would not have been able to complete the project in such a proficient and timely manner.
  • Thanks a lot dearest colleague for your support and help in the demo project. I gladly appreciate your effort and extend my thankful wishes for your effort in the same.
  • I appreciate your help with figuring out the problem with my logic in the custom programming. I was stumped and your solution was perfect. I am thankful that I can rely on you as a resource.
  • Colleague, I just wanted to take a minute to write you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your help over the last month. Things have been crazy around here, and I don’t know how I could have done it without you. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
  • I don’t know if I ever told you, but I really appreciate the time that you took to show me the ropes of this company. When I first got here, I felt lost and overwhelmed, but you really helped me fit in here. Thank you for your kindness.

To a person who leaves the company

  • I just want to take a minute to say thanks for being such a great colleague throughout the years. I’ve worked with plenty of people who were not very enjoyable to work with, but working with you has always been a pleasure. It’s been great getting to know you.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work for our company. There are so many people today who try to get by with just the bare minimum. It is refreshing to meet someone who is so passionate and who is naturally so hardworking. Thanks for being you!
  • From finding me a date to being a motivating workmate, you have been the best buddy. Thanks for everything.
  • Your inspirational influence has shaped my career. Thanks.

When you leave the company

  • Dear colleagues, thank you for your teamwork support in the dream job and I appreciate it with all my heart. I am much thankful to have good colleagues like you to work with always.
  • Dear colleague, as you bid adieu to this company, I appreciate and thank you for all the years we have worked together and cherish the good moments shared in office. You have been one of the best colleagues to date. Thanks a lot dear colleague.
  • Before I leave, I wanted to remind you what a pleasure it was working for you these last 2 years. I appreciated your support and management style and feel I learned a great deal here. Thanks for everything.
  • I have learned a great deal from you and will miss you. It has been a great pleasure working with you.
  • Having you as a partner at work was one of the best professional experiences in my career. Farewell.

From an employee to a manager

  • I don’t how I can show enough appreciation, to a co-worker who has given me so much motivation. Thanks for being such an inspiration.
  • Even though there are a few skills that I still lack, I’m not afraid because I know you are a colleague who’s always got my back. Thanks.
  • Without you, our targets would go for a toss and I would be at a heavy loss. Thanks for behaving like a colleague, even though you are my boss.
  • You gave me all the things I did not get from my education – determination, motivation and inspiration. Thanks for being a colleague and a teacher, two in one.
  • You showed me patience instead of anger, guidance instead of annoyance and understanding instead of intolerance. Thanks for being so supportive.
  • My biggest professional asset is not my experience or educational background – it is a mix of the skills and street smartness I have learnt from you. Thanks for being my colleague and my mentor.
  • I am glad that you have taken note of my performance. Thank you so much.
  • Ever since I have started to work under your leadership, I have learned a lot which really helps me to become a better person. Thank you for that.
  • Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in us.
  • Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in us.

From a manager to an employee

  • I want to commend you for your efforts on the Doe project. The president noticed and appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality product on time. We are proud to have you as part of our team and look forward to your future contributions.
  • My special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you did on the Doe Project. The customer was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues.
  • Good colleagues are those who know that WE is more powerful than ME.
  • Good teamwork is when colleagues realize that working together is the easiest way to be successful. Thanks for diving the point home.
  • Congratulations for a job well done! I was always confident of your abilities to shoulder your responsibilities. You should be very proud of yourself.
  • We are proud to have an employee like you as part of our team. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.
  • I am really proud of you for having you as an employee of our team. The project you carried out was a great success and really deserves all our appreciation and support.
  • It takes a college degree to get a nice job but it takes a lot of hard work to get appreciation from your employer. Thank you for working hard.
  • Thanks for being an asset to the company, a trusty subordinate to your boss and a source of inspiration for your colleagues.
  • Thanks for treating the company’s problems as your own. You have what it takes to be a terrific employee and a future leader. 

Sometimes you have to get a little more creative than just firing off an email. For sure, most of us don’t have money for buying gifts or lunches out to show how grateful we are. But that’s OK—as the old saying goes, the best things in life are free. Here are a few ideas for how to do it.

Go social. Why won’t you use social networks to tell everybody you know that you work with an outstanding person?

Give recommendations. Once again, one of the easiest ways is to endorse your colleague and say how you appreciate him on his LinkedIn page.

Lend an ear. Always be ready to listen to a colleague and to help him.

Repay the favor. Go the extra mile to help your colleague accomplish a tough project or a task.

Give a toast. Compose a sincere toast and deliver it in a suitable situation.

Some people find public speaking a true nightmare, so it’s easier for them to send a thank you note. In our company people who help and inspire each other often work in different locations and don’t have a possibility to show their appreciation personally. That’s why we decided to add to our corporate app one more feature – Thank U. How does it work?

The message can be also seen in the system created for HR specialists, so they will be always aware who of their colleagues is appreciated most and who is ready to say thank you, so they can track most notable influencers and leaders in the company, eliminate and encourage them.

Happiness and gratitude are not the things that can be bought while doing something thoughtful and meaningful can go a long way to express your appreciation. Many people admit that writing thank-you notes helps them experience a sense of gratitude in their everyday lives. Don't be intimidated. Express what you feel. The recipient will be grateful.


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