15 Creative Jobseekers Who Have Impressed Prospective Employers

Finding a job can appear to be a real challenge nowadays with people trying to draw employers' attention in various ways. In some cases candidates are just awesome while in others they prove that creativity is not their best quality. So, have a look!

Our favorite ones:
Katie Oldhams studied at the University of Hertfordshire and dreamt of working at Cosmo. The girl even built a website where she described all her experience and skills, created a QR code to it and ordered three boxes of cupcakes with a painted QR code on the top. She later sent the bakery to three different companies (Cosmo included, of course) and soon the magazine’s editor offered Katie a summer internship.

Josh Butler, a 18-year-old from Essex, also went creative in attempt to get a job. He put himself up for auction on eBay asking for his skills and experience as much as £16,000. The bid was looked through more than 900 times and the teen got three job offers.

Adam Pacitti felt desperate after being turned down for dozens of jobs. The man spend all his money on a billboard in one of the London districts that read: “I spend my last £500 on this billboard. Please give me a job.” The ad also included the link to the Adam’s website and a large picture of very sad Adam. The billboard soon went viral, the jobseeker’s website gathered more than 10,000 views. The campaign proved to be successful as Adam received over 50 job offers and finally landed a job as a viral producer.

Techniques that did work:

Techniques that didn’t work:

Back in 2012 an independent research firm conducted a poll asking 650 human resources managers to recount the most impressive actions that candidates with a more conventional approach undertook.

And here’re some answers:

One applicant explained what he knew about our company. I was very impressed with his knowledge and research.
A candidate gave me a thank-you note right after the interview.
An entry-level job applicant arrived for the interview in a three-piece suit.
I am impressed when a job seeker arrives on time and is well-dressed. It’s that simple.
The most impressive thing to me in any applicant is honesty.

It seems like being polite and attentive can be just enough to make initial impression positive. What do you think? Have you met creative jobseekers? Let us know in the comments below.



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