How These 5 Companies Built Outstanding Employer Brands People Want to Work For

An authentic employer brand is an essential component every company must have as it encompasses its reputation, talent acquisition and more. Here are 7 inspiring successful employer branding campaigns to take notes on. 


The world’s largest searching engine goes very public when it comes to their employee perks. The company’s exclusive benefits are displayed on its website and official pages on social. They even have a separate Google + page called “Life a Google” which contains galleries with images of employees at Google offices across the globe. 

Lithium Technologies 

Lithium Technologies company has created more than 30 recruiting videos that give its potential workers a chance to look into life inside the office. The tech firm later did it best to promote the video insights on its official website, Glassdoor profile and YouTube channel. In the end Lithium enhanced engagement by 158% and sourced 25% of hires from Glassdoor, second only to employee recommendations.


A few years ago Hulu, a fast developing startup company, found itself in a state of flux and decided to renovate its employer branding strategy to make talent attraction smoother and more interactive. Its Talent and Organization team focused on the mixture of recruiting storytelling, data experts and social media and created its “Powering Play” employer brand that reflected its culture code “live and work”. Today they continue to tell their brand story to candidates. 


Workday’s employer branding efforts were aimed at college students. The company created a separate section Generation Workday – a program dedicated to help recent college graduates turn into future leaders. Apart from that, Workday constantly showcases the important of healthy lifestyle, covering some fitness expenses. 


One of Cisco’s core principles is to focus on suitable workplaces for its employees. The software development giant allows its team members to work when and where they like, be it a company’s office, their home of a small house somewhere in front of the sea. This principle has generated great feedback from current employees and has earned for Cisco reputation of the employer which does appreciate their talent assets.

Do you use any employer branding strategies in your company? Has it helped you to attract new talent? Let us know in the comments below!

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