10 HR Tech Women You Should Follow In 2017

Please meet the ladies who run the #hrtech world and subscribe to their pages to stay updated with the latest HR tech trends and insights!

Jackye Clayton

Jackye is an editor and writer of Recruiting Tools blog where she shares great HR- and recruitment-themed articles accompanied with funny GIFs and images what makes them a joy to read. Follow Jackye on Twitter to see priceless pieces of advice on any HR problem you may be having.

Follow Jackye on: Twitter, Recruiting Tools

Suzanne Lucas

Though Suzanne is known as Evil HR Lady (that’s her blog’s name), she has nothing common with true evil J. One of the best known #hrtech influencers and an experienced writer, Suzanne creates entertaining and grasping articles where she opens up her perspective on how to run HR team effectively. Her LinkedIn profile claims that you can ask her for any HR-related advice and she will be glad to help you. Go ahead!

Follow Suzanne on: Twitter, Evil HR Lady

Katharine Robinson

The founder of “magic” recruiting agency “Sourcing Hat” (have you spotted the adorable analogy with the Joanne Rowling’s Sorting Hat?) and just a notable character from our top HR tech women list. Katharine is not really into job interviews and employee engagement, she is a popular online recruiting guru. And an authoritative one as Pepsi Co. and Verizon form the chart of her clients.

Follow Katharine on: Twitter, Sourcing Hat, AirSorce Show 

Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is the CEO of a small but interesting company, a community of those who are keen on HR and recruiting and want to enhance their skills. It’s called DisruptHR. She has her own website where she shares her articles and impressions she receives after her public speeches. Subscribe for her news and events to know when and where she’ll speak the next time.

Follow Jennifer on: Twitter, DisruptHR

Meghan M Biro

She founded TalentCulture Consulting Group about ten years ago and since then she is considered to be one of the most influential women in HR tech sphere. Meghan’s Twitter followers list counts about 140k people who want to stay updated with highly useful insights she posts. She often retweets plenty of articles from TalentCulture blog, writes for such giants as The Huffington Post and Forbes and hosts popular live podcast TalentCulture #WorkTrends.

Follow Meghan on: Twitter, TalentCulture


Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell has been in the HR business for more than 15 years and she does have what to say and share. She founded Workology where she stands as an advocate for social media recruiting. Jessica often takes part in famous HR podcasts and gladly offers some tips on latest workforce trends.

Follow Jessica on: Twitter, Workology

Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan is the founder of Accelir, a strategy firm which specializes on talent acquisition and recruiting programs development and improvement, as well as HRtechblog.com. She has major experience in the HR business and focuses on such themes as employer branding, talent acquisition and retention and technology adoption.

Follow Sarah on: TwitterHRtechblog.com

Stacy Donovan Zapar

Have you heard of Fortune 500? This is the rating of 500 world biggest companies based on their revenue. So, Stacy consults them on social recruiting strategies (her top clients are TripAdvisor, Zappos, Booking.com and Netflix). Her personal blog surpassed 1 billion of visits long time ago. Just read her articles and inspire for productive recruiting!

Follow Stacy on: Twitter

Robin Schooling

Robin believes that her mission is to make the HR business more humane and at the same time don’t resist emerging technologies and digital community influence. In other words, her Twitter page’s definitely worth following. And check her blog for insights on HR services and technology providers.

Follow Robin on: Twitter, robinschooling.com

Trish McFarlane

The author of HR Ringleader blog, CEO and principal analyst at H3 HR Advisors, and HR Happy Hour cohost, Trish is focused on expanding the scope of the HR professional as now this sphere evolves through technology. Follow her on Twitter so you won’t miss essential HR tech articles and tips regarding talent management.

Follow Trish on: Twitter, HR Ringleader, HR Happy Hour

Do you follow any of these ladies? Which female HR tech gurus would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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