7 Phrases You Should Not Tell Millennials At Work

Generation Y, aka millennials - people born after 1980s – are relatively new blood in every team and company. They are young, they are full of enthusiasm and, in contrast to other generations, they do know what they want and what they definitely won’t stand at work. If you want to be a good leader for them avoid these phrases. 

1. I’m the boss, so you’ll do what I said. 

Millennials appreciate respectful attitude much more than authority. This means they need to be involved in discussions, be encouraged when they ask questions, and receive feedback in time. 

2. I don’t think it’s a good idea. 

Young employees become more successful when they are praised and when they are given some authority. It is better to discuss shortcomings of their ideas, so they could offer other ones and don’t kept ingenious thoughts to themselves.

3. This is how we’ve always done that. 

For Gen Yers generation innovations are more important than traditions so they really enjoy and appreciate freedom of creativity. 

4. You have no idea what hard work is. 

Remember how angry you got when adults told you something like that in your childhood? Don’t devalue anyone's efforts, even if they don’t seem sufficient to you. 

5. You’re the only one who can’t cope with this. 

Open discussions of the problem and focusing on results are always more effective than making accusations and unflattering comparisons. 

6. Because I said so. 

Millennials never obey implicitly. They look into the whole situation and want to understand how their work fits it. 

7. No man is indispensable. 

Appreciate unique competences of each employee as nothing can ruin good relationship between employer and employee as threats to replace the later.

We hope you avoid these phrases! And we hope that you also avoid most typical management mistakes. Just have a look at them here: 10 Signs That Your Employees Hate You As A Manager!
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