5 Amazing HR Talks That Really Surprised Us

These short DisruptHR talks really surprised us.

The Virtuous Cycle: How Engaged Employees Print Money 

Elizabeth Friedland - Director of Communications at Appirio 

Elizabeth Friedland believes that having engaged employees is not just about their happiness, or because Glassdoor reviews go up, we need them to be engaged because they’re going to turn into profit centers for us.  

HR: Stop Spreading The Peanut Butter Evenly 

Gene Pease - Research and Strategy at Ultimate Software 

Gene Pease suggests that as HR pros, we need to take what we know, add a dose of analytics, a dash of technology, and start creating cocktails of personal development.  

Fixed Lines > Blurred Lines > Erased Lines 

Perry Timms - Founder & Chief Energy Officer at PTHR 

Chief Energy Officer of PTHR shares four areas where HR needs to take action in the new world of work - analytics, anthropology, hacking and exploration.  

Enlighten Your Team 

Audrey Barron - Owner of Ezra's Enlightened CafĂ© 

Audrey Barron suggests that establishing your culture, living it in every way, and treating your employees well are keys.  

I Ain't Your Mama 

Sarah Prince - Employee Benefits Advisor at United Agencies 

The speaker explains that HR pros need to be able to tell employees "I ain’t your momma!" in small, kind ways.

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